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Protect your hair with cleansers and moisturizers designed to nourish and feed your hair… and what to AVOID in your hair care ritual!

A couple of years ago I started to dabble in making hair care products in an effort to move away from chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners. Can they make your hair look shiny, bouncy and oh-so-soft? You betcha! But at a cost. Both to your heath AND to the environment – where all of the things we use in our showers and baths eventually end up. Skin safe synthetic fragrances? Glitter? (GLITTER?!) Mica powders? No thanks! We want to feel clean after a bath, not covered in glitter and dyes. And once you pull the plug, all that glitter is destined for our ocean… AND its inhabitants. And the ocean is just too breathtakingly beautiful to fill with such junk! I...

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