Aftershock Detox Mineral Masque
Aftershock Detox Mineral Masque

Aftershock Detox Mineral Masque

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East Coast Glow’s ultra-concentrated, waterless formula features the powerful absorption qualities of bentonite clay together with gentle kaolin clay to effectively expand facial pores. Activated charcoal then acts as a magnet to pull out debris and impurities while the dry, concentrated blend of wild adaptogens, vitamins and antioxidants sooth and replenish. The result is bright, flawless skin.

The Routine:
Stir Aftershock powder with desired liquid and allow to hydrate for 1 minute. Add more liquid (oil, water, yogurt, hydrosol, etc.) one drop at a time until a paste forms and spread evenly over face and neck. Mist face with water or toner to keep masque wet for 10-15 minutes to keep the actives time to penetrate. If you like that pore tightening feeling, allow masque to dry completely before rinsing. Hate it? No problem! Rinse after recommended time and apply face oil and moisturizer. Easy peasy and fully customizable!

Our favorite routine? 1/2 teaspoon iceberg fireweed hydrosol, 2 drops blue tansy and squalene oil, and 1 tsp dry Aftershock powder. Mist for 15 minutes to keep masque wet on skin, then allow to dry for 10 minutes and follow with serum and moisturizer!

Cutting-Edge Actives

Chaga, sustainably wildcrafted, has always been a staple adaptogenic ingredient in our formulas - and for good reason! Chaga has the innate ability to restore elasticity to the skin, aiding collagen production and has a unique form of Betulonic acid; notorious for skin regeneration. Chaga also contains powerful kojic acid which helps to fade skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

Licorice root extract is a potent adaptogen that dramatically brightens and evens skin tone by inhibiting the production of tyrosinase – the enzyme that triggers the formation of dark spots.

L-ascorbic acid weighs in at 15% in this waterless formula, packaged in UV blocking violet glass, and is activated at each use, maximizing freshness and efficacy. 

White Willow Bark extract is a potent salicylic acid AHA to help fight clogged pores and keep skin clear.

Aloe Vera and chamomile extracts sooth and hydrate for skin that is illuminated.

Baobab Fruit Extract, ethically sourced directly from Ghana, is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to help improve skin firmness and strength while diminishing the appearance of facial lines, evens out skin tone, and hydrates skin.

Full ingredients:

Montmorillonite, kaolin, activated charcoal, L-ascorbic acid, *inonotus obliquus extract, *matricaria recutita, *adansonia digitata fruit pulp, bentonite, allantoin, panthenol, *aloe barbadensis leaf, *glycyrrhiza glabra root extract, *bambusa vulgaris extract, *salix nigra bark extract.

Packaged UV miron violet glass bottles and jars, to protect from the aging process of the natural ingredients while enhancing the potency. Violet glass offers the ultimate protection against the harmful effects of light to natural cosmetics and increases the dynamic energy, potency, vibration, and vitality of the wild actives. This increases shelf life with minimal preservation by significantly delaying the degradation process.