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Overachiever - Dry Mousse Facial Exfoliant~

$16.50 $33.00


Overachiever is an ultra-concentrated, waterless exfoliant/masque formula that is packed with active ingredients and features the potent wildcrafted adaptogens chaga, golden chanterelle, and cultivated reishi mushrooms, along with extracts of licorice root and aloe vera to support your skin’s natural ability to deal with stress.

Rhassoul clay and wild chaga blend perfectly with skin brightening L-ascorbic acid, weighing in at 10% of this dry formula. Macerated wild lavender and chamomile flowers, paired with the incredible hydrating properties of aloe vera, coconut milk powder and concentrated antioxidants to help soften and even skin tone to rejuvenate skin’s luminosity. 


Packed with waterless actives, this dry exfoliator is activated with liquid to ensure maximum potency of active ingredients.

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