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Wild River Mint + Rosemary Iceberg Distillate Facial Mist


What it is: Wild River Mint + Rosemary Facial Mist is created with mindfully gathered wild mint and rosemary plants that are steam distilled using pure iceberg water to create incredible, one-of-a-kind hydrosols that form the base of this facial mist.

We've spiked it with cutting-edge cosmetic actives sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide, lactic acid, green tea extract, and oat protein to transform and comfort your skin with an antioxidant shield of moisture. Use post-cleanse on damp skin before applying other treatments.

A synergistic combination of fireweed and green tea extract combat redness and sensitivity to provide the calming action of this mist. The Epilobium plant contains the unique and dominant active ingredient known as Oenothein B. Extracts of Epilobium species have been proven to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-proliferative, analgesic and antioxidative activities, and lucky for us it grows prolifically in Newfoundland and Labrador! 

Usnea, (or old man’s beard) is a slow growing lichen that acts as a strong antibacterial, wild cosmetic active with activity against body odor, blemished skin, and dandruff due to its high content of usnic acid. It is sustainably gathered by hand from fallen trees, here at the edge of the ocean where pollution seems non-existent. They are then transformed into handmade powders and glycerites for a star role in our products.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Improves the appearance of uneven tone and texture.
  • Improves the feel of skin elasticity.
  • Sodium hyaluronate, niacinamide, lactic acid, green tea extract, and oat protein to transform and comfort your skin with a flexible antioxidant shield of moisture.

 What’s in it?

WILD Adaptogenic Base is wild chaga, aloe vera and wild botanical base chosen specifically to hydrate and help combat free radicals. Rich in wild Labrador Tea, resveratrol, and fireweed to fight redness and inflammation.

Niacinamide is water-soluble vitamin B3 and it works with the natural substances in your skin to help visibly minimize and tighten enlarged pores, improve uneven skin tone, soften fine lines, diminish dullness, and strengthen weakened skin.

Iceberg Water Distillates of Wild Mint + Rosemary cools and refreshes. Gathered at the edge of the earth and distilled fresh.

Sodium Hyaluronate (low molecular weight) is the salt form of hyaluronic acid that penetrates the skin deeply and holds 1000 times its weight in water. It’s a powerful humectant that draws moisture to your skin, leaving it dewy and strong.

Lactic Acid (AHA) and Gluconolactone (PHA) gently exfoliate the skin. It helps the older, dull cells on the skin's surface to slough away by dissolving the bonds that hold them together. Lactic acid speeds up cell turnover and stimulates cell renewal. But what you'll see is a brighter complexion, as well as smoother and softer skin.

Canadian Willowherb (Fireweed) Extract: Rich in antioxidant and antibacterial molecules, it fights above all against P. acnes, the bacterium responsible for acne and reduces redness within 30 minutes of application.

Lucky for us, fireweed grows prolifically throughout Newfoundland and Labrador and once a year we harvest it to make extracts.

Usnea (Old Man’s Beard) + Aspen Bark (Populus Tremuloides Bark Extract) is a wildcrafted blend of wild usnea and aspen bark made by hand as a part of our preservative system. As an added benefit, these ingredients offer astringent and toning properties!

Who’s it for?

This product is suitable for everyone, especially congested, inflamed skin.

Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types. Extra sensitive types should always perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area and leave for 24 hours before using any new product on large areas of skin or face.  

Skincare Concerns: Dryness, Dullness, Hyperpigmentation and Uneven Texture, and Fine lines

Formulation: Lightweight iceberg water + wild botanical + vitamin-rich mist that absorbs easily to leave skin protected and hydrated. Layers well under makeup.

Ingredient Callouts: This product is vegan and cruelty-free, with reusable/recyclable packaging. Miron Violet glass with pump.



*Iceberg Water (Aqua), *Mentha Piperita Leaf Distillate, *Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Distillate, *Aqua (and) Epilobium Angustifolium Flower/Leaf/ Stem Extract, *Hamamelis Virginiana, *Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Niacinamide, Propanediol 1,3, Sodium PCA, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Oats, Panthenol, Allantoin, *Bambusa Vulgaris Extract, Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate, *Camellia Oleifera Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Lactic Acid, *Populus Tremuloides Bark Extract, *Usnea Barbata Extract, Sodium Phytate. *Organically grown or wildcrafted.

East Coast Glow’s wildcrafted river mint is foraged fresh each year from 'our spot', just before the river meets the North Atlantic Ocean in Bonavista, Newfoundland.

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