Hello, Fall 🍂 ... and hear, hear to routine! 📃

For many of us, it’s time for back to school, back to work, and back to the routine. 🙃 

Here, at East Coast Glow, we feel the change of season, too. There’ll be less time roaming the hills, woods, beaches, and brooks on our wildcrafting forays, and much more time spent in the production studio creating all the stock we’ll need for the busy holiday season ahead.  

Over the next few months, we’ll be preparing for: our annual trip to town for the Craft Council Christmas Fair; wholesale holiday orders; the BIG Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale; and also our first time to 2023 One of a Kind Winter Show, running Nov. 23 to Dec. 3 in Toronto. Busy, but exciting times. Wow! 😮 

So, as much as we might like the dog days of summer to stay around a bit longer (especially true for our buddy Gord 🐕), it’s also always good to get back to a routine and to get back on track.  

The same is true when it comes to looking after our skin. With all the fun and games of summer, it’s easy to get a little lazy when it comes to our daily skincare routine.  

Our puppy, Forager Gord.

Getting Back to the Basics 

Now that cooler, drier, and often windier (if you live in NL) weather is on the way, it’s a good time to share a reminder of the important steps in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. 

When it comes to looking after your skin, the products you choose (and what goes into them) should be top of mind, as should applying them in the right order. For the most effective results, a good rule of thumb is to apply according to texture, from thinnest products to thickest.  

No matter your skin type, conditions, or concerns, you’ll want to start with a clean and toned base, then apply concentrated, active ingredients, and finish off by sealing in moisture (as well as adding a final SPF for daytime).   

Basic Skincare Routine Infographic

Good to Know 🤓 

If you’d like a refresher on why these steps are good for your skin, and just what they do for you, here’s a quick overview: 

  • Exfoliant / Facial Wash / Cleanser  
    Clears pores and removes irritants, which helps to prepare your skin for the next steps in your daily routine.  
  • Toner / Mist
    Removes any remaining sebum, oil, and dirt from the pores, while also providing a thin and calming layer of hydration before moisturizer is applied. 
  • Serum + Other Treatments (e.g., Masques)
    Provides skin-protecting antioxidants, through potent blends of botanical extracts and other good-for-skin ingredients, while neutralizing any damage and helping to smooth skin texture. 
  • Moisturizer (Day + Night)
    Keeps your skin balanced, hydrated, and plump. Choose the best one for your skin type and needs, and consider adjusting your cream to the season. In winter, we often need a heavier, more protective cream; while summer calls for a lighter version. 
  • Eye Cream (Day + Night) *East Coast Glow version coming soon*
    Hydrates the delicate under-eye area while keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. 
  • Sunscreen for Daytime 
    Protects skin from harmful UV rays and prevents signs of aging (e.g., fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation). Should be final step of your skincare routine, just before makeup.
  • Sleep 😴 
    Guarantees the GLOW … and the very best results for your skin.
⭐ East Coast Glow Favourite Routine ⭐
  1. Overachiever Dry Mousse Facial Exfoliant
  2. Wild Yarrow + Labrador Tea Cleansing Oil
  3. Wild River Mint Facial Mist or your favourite seasonal hydrosol
  4. Drenched Ice Serum
  5. Blurred Perfection Daily Moisture for daytime and Moonlight Glow Sleep Crème for nighttime
  6. Caffeine Eye Cream (returning soon!)

Happy getting back into the routine! We promise you’ll feel (and look) better for it. 😊 


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