Hello Spring!

Oh, how we have been waiting for this day!

When spring finally arrives here in Newfoundland, we collectively breathe a sigh of gratitude. Not that we don't love all the wonderful things that winter brings ... like cozy nights in front of a fire, warm socks, hot baths, long walks in the crisp winter air, catching snowflakes on your tongue, and so many more lovely wintry things ... but, spring! It's a time of rebirth that can be felt all around us and all of nature seems to burst back to life. 

For us, here at East Coast Glow, springtime means Maple Sap!

In early spring, maple sap is at its finest. It's then that it contains the most active ingredients - minerals, nutrients, and powerful antioxidants called  polyphenols to hydrate your skin and minimize inflammation.

We sustainably tap from wild maple trees and then use it fresh in our Spiced Maple Sap bar soap, Moonlight Glow Iceberg Infused Sleep Crème, shave soap and facial mists (coming soon!) where it acts as a natural, anti-bacterial humectant and its natural sugars provide an amazingly rich lather! 

Getting out into the fresh spring air and gathering good ingredients to use in our products is what makes our company so special. 

We love doing business with nature!


Find fresh Maple sap in these East Coast Glow products:

Spiced Fresh Maple Sap Iceberg Infused Soap 

Moonlight Glow Iceberg Infused Sleep Crème | Bakuchiol + Resveratrol + Ferulic Acid

Brewmaster's Request Kombucha Shaving Soap - COMING SPRING 2022!







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So interesting! I must try these products with maple sap … asap!!!

Amanda Fisher April 01, 2022

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