BARE Iceberg Infused Hand + Body Lotion

BARE Iceberg Infused Hand + Body Lotion

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Each batch begins with freshly made, organic oat milk and pure iceberg water. Sweet almond and avocado oils act as softening emollients, creating a moisturizing, soothing lotion. 

The high levels of fatty acids serve as a lightweight, natural emollient for your skin, and can help lock in moisture by forming a protective barrier. Oats naturally contain ceramides that have been used for centuries to sooth dry, itchy skin.

East Coast Glow carefully handcrafts pure, iceberg water glycerites using vegetable glycerin to extract the impressive constituents of our wildcrafted botanical blends to deliver them to your skin in this rich and totally indulgent lotion.

How to Use:  Massage into skin as needed to relieve dry, itchy skin.