East Coast Glow is a line of luxurious, iceberg infused skin care products. Our inspiration originates from the earth and the wild beauty of it's natural elements. Each botanical ingredient is wild-crafted by hand and produced in small batches to ensure quality. We believe that your skin care rituals should be simple, effective and luxurious without compromising your health or the environment. East Coast Glow practices a minimalist approach to packaging and they consist of fully recyclable plastic, natural paper boxes and glass.
Wild-crafted botanical ingredients
Organic ingredients are used whenever possible
Recyclable glass and PET plastic bottles and minimal packaging
Plant based, cold pressed oils, butters and waxes
Steam distilled and CO2 extracted essential oils
Fully vegan products made by vegan makers
By using East Coast Glow products, you can be certain that we will never use:
Synthetic chemicals
Animal testing
Formaldehyde releasing preservatives
Sodium Laurel Sulfate
Artificial colours or dyes (not even micas!)
Petroleum or mineral oils