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Wild Birch Sap | Iceberg Infused Soap


E A S T  C O A S T  G L O W   X  S H A W N  D A W S O N 

We've teamed up with forager Shawn Dawson to create this incredible, limited edition Wild Birch Sap Iceberg Infused Cold Processed Soap. Available while quantities last.

A complex mixture of organic cocoa and shea butters blend with an intoxicating essential oil scent profile that will transport you deep into the boreal forest, with notes of fir needle, black spruce, and earth.

In addition to its amazing scent, the natural sugar content of wild birch sap creates an impossibly rich, moisturizing lather with a touch of sweetness. 

Plus, hand-tapped birch sap contains numerous bioactive amino acids, sugars, and minerals, which provide excellent moisturizing effects. It is an excellent humectant and its molecules are relatively small, helping the skin to absorb it for a glowy hue.


Our wildly natural cold process soap is made using pure iceberg water and local craft beer, with premium wild-herb infused oils and butters. It is blended with natural clays, pure essential oils, and wildcrafted botanicals to create a high lathering, yet nourishing bar.

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