Sea Salted Grapefruit + Basil | Iceberg Infused Soap

Sea Salted Grapefruit + Basil | Iceberg Infused Soap

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Sea Salted Grapefruit + Basil is a sea salt brine bar designed to cleanse and purify your skin. It features pure, artisanal Newfoundland sea salt and a blend of creamy clays resulting in a super detoxifying bar suitable for all skin types - especially oily, congested or acne prone skin. Bright and uplifting pink grapefruit and sweet basil essential oils add an enchantingly sweet scent.

The Ritual: Wet bar, lather up and rinse clean!

Store your awesome new iceberg water soap outside of the shower to dry on a draining dish between uses to make our already long-lasting soap bars last even longer!


Ingredients: *Iceberg Water (Aqua), *Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Canolate, Sodium Olivate, *Sodium Shea Butterat, Sodium Castorate, *Pyrus Malus Vinegar, *Marin Sel (Newfoundland Sea Salt), Kaolin, Citrus Paradisi Oil, *Ocimum Basilicum Oil, Spinacia Oleracea Leaf Powder, Tocopherol. Organically grown or wildcrafted