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Solid Shampoo – Sea Salt + Craft Beer


Ultra-concentrated, soap-free solid shampoo that delivers incredible results and is free of plastic. Smooths and softens hair using clean, gentle ingredients and potent wild herbs that encourage hair and scalp health.

Produced with high concentrations of protein-rich, local craft beer, it binds to hair cuticles to mend them, leaving hair smooth and healthy. 

A touch of Newfoundland harvested sea salt provides incredible bounce and volume!

The natural grapefruit-like scent of the craft beer shines through with a scent profile is deliciously sweet and complex.


*No alcohol remains in final product.

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Scalp microbiota-friendly and powered by fireweed, a prolific plant in Newfoundland & Labrador, it is a highly bioactive polyphenol, titrated in oenothein B. It rebalances scalp ecosystem homeostasis and reduces sebum and the appearance of flakes, even after the first use! This smart multifunctional ingredient is designed to naturally regulate the malassezia species proliferation while preserving the scalp microbiota to maintain a healthy flake-free non-oily looking scalp and hair.

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