Sharing Gratitude this Holiday Season

As 2022 comes to a close, it feels like the right time to take a few quiet moments to reflect back on all that we’ve accomplished, and all that we have to be thankful for, over the last 12 months.

It’s been a full year for East Coast Glow, and one of transition. We’ve welcomed new team members, expanded into a larger production space, released new products (Wild Nettles + Lime Coconut Milk Bath, Cult Favourites Lip Balm Set, and Spotless Blemish Oil Roller to name a few), and grown our partnerships across NL and beyond. Amidst all that, we’ve continued to have the amazing support of our customers near and far. Thank you! 🙏

We are fortunate to be able to create for a living, and to do that in a sustainable way, using ingredients that come from the land and sea right here where we live. The products we wildcraft are made with you in mind, whether it’s Miracle Balm to ease a skin irritation, a sea salt bomb to sooth body and mind in the bath, or a botanical-infused serum to give your face a bright and glowy hue.

The “Wash Wildly” promotional campaign we launched earlier this year was truly about showcasing what we do, the way we work, and how it all comes together to bring our special products to life.

Somewhere, somehow, we’ve forgotten about nature … the power of it, and our duty to protect it. So, we’ve made that the foundation of our vision and mission at East Coast Glow … to connect people with nature through sustainable, wildcrafted skin care. We’ve watched you embrace this (and us 😊) since we embarked on this journey in 2016, and we are so grateful that we’ve made an impact and that you appreciate all that we have to offer.

“We keep it wild because wildness is magic.”

December 21st marked the start of winter, and a slower period for us, but one that allows us to hunker down, maybe hibernate a little, and plan for exciting things to come this spring and summer. Stay tuned to our blog, social channels, and email newsfeed for all the latest happenings at East Coast Glow.

Happy Holidays to all … wishing you peace and joy from The Rock. ✌+😊

East Glow Team Members at Christmas Party

Some of the East Coast Glow team enjoying holiday cheer
at this year’s Christmas Party.

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