Wash Wildly.

Since about this time last year, we’ve been on a journey here at East Coast Glow – to refresh our brand.

We’ve spent time defining who we are, what we offer, and how we want to be seen in this world. That work helped us to get clear on our vision and mission, as well as create a strong foundation for our brand – with three pillars that truly define what’s most important to us.

Authentic Newfoundland

Our wildcrafted products are made from sustainably, locally foraged ingredients that represent the best of the natural environment that surrounds us. Like our founders, our ingredients are born of this place. From fir needles to fireweed and the pure iceberg water distillations, they embody what makes this island so special.

Handmade in Newfoundland, each product we make possesses the power to heal, sooth, and nourish both body and soul. Most importantly, they connect us to the power of nature, allowing the raw beauty of this land to delight our senses.

It’s everyday luxury from an extraordinary place.


Wildly Creative

Newfoundlanders are known to create. Inspired by our unique landscape, culture, and connection to nature, it’s part necessity, part magic.

East Coast Glow is no exception. Pairing ingenuity with alchemy, we turn humble, wildcrafted ingredients into luxury products in a modern day, natural apothecary located in one of the wildest, rawest places in the province. Our wildcrafted iceberg water distillations and powerful oil infusions, combined with our meticulous processes, are what makes our products so completely special.

Each product is an expression of who we are and where we come from, artfully created by hand.

Wildflower Lavender Sea Salt Bomb Making

Naturally Sustainable

We believe in the power of nature, and our duty to protect it. That’s why we are committed to responsibly and sustainably foraging our wild ingredients, harvesting with care, and using as much locally sourced product as possible.

We think carefully about our products, processes, and packaging, and strive to lessen the environmental impact of everything we do. From refillable soaps to mail-back recycling programs, we believe every decision has an impact. We rely on the natural landscape to provide the wild ingredients that make our products so unique, so we must do all we can to protect it.

As a plant-based company, we put the planet first. Naturally.

Cloudberry or Bakeapple

Once we had our new brand platform finalized early in 2022, we began to plan out activities and materials to help bring it to life – for our customers, partners, and community.

“We need the tonic of wildness.” 

– Henry David Thoreau

The highlight of the last several months is the launch of our “Wash Wildly” campaign, which speaks to our mission to connect people with nature and our commitment to sustainable skincare inspired by one of the rawest and wildest places on Earth. It has involved:

  • creating a stronger social media presence (thanks for liking and following us ❤);
  • shooting an East Coast Glow promotional video on location in the Bonavista area;
  • redesigning our website to be more user friendly with visuals that showcase how we are “Made of Newfoundland); and
  • installing mini billboards, strategically placed along popular hiking trails on the Bonavista Peninsula that allow people to discover the ingredients where they grow.

The film shoot definitely took us out of our comfort zone, but we’re thrilled with how it all turned out and so thankful to Ray Agency for capturing something really special. We’ll be using it for various promotions in the year ahead. Take a moment to watch – see who we are and what we stand for in one minute and 30 seconds!

Bathtub Filled with Wildflowers

We’ve also had some great feedback on the signage along Skerwink, Fox Island, and Lodge Pond to Murphy’s Cove trails that are all part of the Hike Discovery network. Each mini billboard featured a QR code that guided visitors to corresponding products on our redesigned website. It’s a great way to connect people with the ingredients we use to wildcraft our soaps, lotions, sea salt bombs, etc.

Fireweed Trail Sign

Trail Signs on Hike Discovery Network

In addition to all the excitement that came with our brand refresh, we were thankful to reconnect with our community this past summer. As the world returned to a more “normal” way of being, after two years of navigating pandemic restrictions, it was wonderful to have visitors from near and far in the shop again – and to be a part of some amazing events to bring people together.

In late July, East Coast Glow hosted a pop-up party at the Bonavista studio for Church Street Festival and had some wonderful friends join us: The Shop SALT, Crumb + Pickle, Fogtown Barbershop, and forager extraordinaire Shawn Dawson. It was a resounding success from all accounts!

Church Street Festival Pop-up Party Poster

Shortly after that, we launched our “Glow on the Road” boxes to celebrate the amazing music that grows wild here in this beautiful province, just like the amazing ingredients we use.

It’s been a tough few years for everyone, and we were so excited to see (and hear) our local musicians “on the road again.” 

To celebrate their return to the stage, and add a little comfort to their travels, we created specially designed boxes filled with some of our favourite East Coast Glow products. We got rave reviews!

Glow on the Road Boxes

And, in September, we celebrated the return of Roots, Rants, and Roars, an amazing culinary festival in Elliston that East Coast Glow is proud to sponsor and help organize. What a wonderful weekend!

We’re looking forward to more of these “connections” as we participate in and host other events this fall and winter, from arts and craft shows to hands-on classes in our Bonavista studio.

So, as you can see, it’s been a pretty busy time for us.

But, that’s okay, because it means we’re another step closer to our vision of wildcrafting our way to a more sustainable world. By connecting people with nature, and themselves, and encouraging radical acts of unhurried, uninhibited self-care, we’re here to help slow the breakneck speed of modern society, one sea-salted bath bomb at a time. 😊

All that we create at East Coast Glow is an artful expression of who we are, and where we come from – with you in mind, and close at heart.

It’s full steam ahead as we continue to create and grow. Glad to have you share the journey with us.

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