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Welcome and allow us to introduce ourselves!

We are Karen and Roger Dewling and we are East Coast Glow! A creative iceberg water cosmetics studio located in amazing Bonavista, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
East Coast Glow was created simply from two creative minded parents searching for a natural solution to their newborn daughter’s agonizing skin condition.
Eight years later, our studio sits near the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean, dotted with prehistoric icebergs silently drifting past, offering to us the purest water on the planet to use in our formulations. Spring, summer and fall offer an abundance of icebergs, medicinal mushrooms, salt and wildflowers that we carefully gather at their peak. While Winter offers quiet, tranquil days to spend innovating and transforming the raw, wild ingredients into powerful skin tonics made from iceberg water botanical distillates, pure essential oils and nourishing plant oils, butters and waxes.
We believe that the earth provides for us the very best ingredients and the alchemy of each of our scent profiles is designed to capture the essence of the wild that inspires every product we create. We invite you to join us in a simple, unhurried self-care ritual that is uncomplicated, luxurious and sensual.
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Karen & Roger

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